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Not only face and body, hair too needs daily care and attention to be strong and healthy:
to meet the daily needs of each hair type, CDC launches Daily Care, the beauty routine
for perfect hair everyday, throughout the day. The line is composed of eight smart formulas,
designed to protect scalp and hair and take care of their fragile balance daily, without
altering it, delivering shine from roots to ends. The gentle formulas were created to
provide daily pampering for all hair types, restoring its natural hydration and softness,
thanks to a concentrate of Active Ingredients and the nourishing properties of the Organic Extracts.

To meet the needs of all hair types, Daily Care is divided
into five axes: #Nutri, #Color, #Volume, #Anti-Frizz and #Curl.


• Nourishing Shampoo: helps moisturize, brighten
up and enhance natural undertones, thanks to the
Caramel and Organic Linseed Extract in the formula.
An innovative ingredient derived from sugar, Erythritol,
and the precious Cocoa Extract nourish hair making
it soft and silky. Enriched with Organic Bamboo and
Ginseng Extracts, which revitalize and strengthen hair
• Nourishing Cream: formulated with Cocoa Extract,
which acts in synergy with 5 Precious Oils (Linseed,
Jojoba, Macadamia, Olive and Argan), renowned
for their nourishing and brightening properties, this
conditioner provides extra softness and shine. The
Caramel helps enhance natural undertones, adding
radiance and leaving hair silky and manageable.


• Color Care Shampoo: helps protect, maintain and
revive color intensity, thanks to its Organic Kiwi and
Linseed Extracts, which enhance and brighten up
highlights. The Hydrolyzed Wheat and Rice Proteins,
together with the Sunflower Extract, nourish and
strengthen hair, leaving it extremely soft, silky and
• Color Care Conditioner: nourishes and revitalizes
hair, ensuring a long-lasting intense color thanks to
its Organic Kiwi and Linseed Extracts. The Shorea and
Shea Butters and Natural Grape Seed, Passion Flower,
Rice and Sunflower Oils regenerate hair leaving it
incredibly soft and silky, while maintaining the color
vibrant and radiant.


• Volume Shampoo: gives body and volume to
fine and brittle hair. Enriched with Organic Ginkgo
Biloba, Green Tea and Fig Extracts to help strengthen
and revitalize hair, while protecting it from external
aggressions. The Hydrolyzed Wheat and Rice Proteins,
together with Creatine, act in synergy with the Extracts
to increase their strengthening and regenerative
properties. For strong, healthy, beautiful hair that is
full of body.
• Leave-In Conditioner: light spray, quick and easy
to apply, leaves hair incredibly soft and silky. Enriched
with Hydrolyzed Wheat and Rice Proteins and Organic
Aloe and Green Tea Extracts, which nourish, discipline
and revive hair leaving it soft, healthy and full of body.
The #Anti-Frizz axis is composed of:
• Anti-Frizz Shampoo: its Hydrolized Wheat and
Rice Proteins have conditioning, disciplining and
nourishing properties, which help tame the frizz. The
Organic Red Vine and Aloe Extract, Erythritol and
Panthenol act in synergy to keep hair incredibly soft,
silky and velvety.

A next generation Beauty treatment, that takes care of hair everyday: in summer and winter, in the city and at the
seaside, Daily Care by CDC is the solution for strong and healthy hair, always impeccable to face new adventures
with the determination that marks the brand Compagnia del Colore.

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1990 Nourish Conditioner sample 10 ml $1.95
1991 Color Care Shampoo sample 8 ml $1.95
1992 Volume Shampoo sample 8 ml $1.95
1993 Antifrizz Shampoo sample 8 ml $1.95
1970 Nourish Shampoo 250 ml $29.95
1972 Nourish Conditioner 200 ml $29.95
1974 Color Care Shampoo 250 ml $29.95
1976 Color Care Conditioner 200 ml $29.95
1978 Volume Shampoo 250 ml $29.95
1981 Antifrizz Shampoo 250 ml $29.95
1983 Curl Contrl Pomegranate Cream  125 ml $29.95
1980 Volume Leave in Conditioner  250 ml $31.95
1971 Nourish Shampoo 1000 ml $49.95
1973 Nourish Conditioner 1000 ml $49.95
1975 Color Care Shampoo 1000 ml $49.95
1977 Color Care Conditioner 1000 ml $49.95
1979 Volume Shampoo 1000 ml $49.95
1982 Antifrizz Shampoo 1000 ml $49.95